Hello there!

My name is Nicole Eonova, and I will be your guide on this cosmic journey. I am a reclusive, creative conjurer residing in the lush rogue valley. My passion lies in materializing the imagined & delivering esoteric art into the hands of others.

After an extraordinary discovery of an ancient cosmic dream realm, I felt compelled to share all that I uncovered - thus founding the House of Cosmic Notions - an Institute of Intuition & Imagination.

The earth realm can be overwhelming at times - my dream is to create an escape from the stress of daily life to gift you mini moments of magic. To provide a place for you to go on an introspective journey through your imagination and help bring about more joy & positivity into our earthly existence.

I am now on an eternal quest to share all that has been revealed to me through various mediums of art, design, and storytelling. I will be documenting my cosmic travels with a plan to release a plethora of curios & compendiums detailing this ever-expanding world.

Behind the scenes

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